How to Deregister Audible Account on Other Devices


Maybe you’re getting a device ready to sell or give to someone else and you want to protect your personal information. Or, maybe you logged into your Audible account on someone else’s device and you don’t want them to have access to make purchases with your account. Or maybe you lost a device and you just want to lock as much stuff down as possible. No matter the reason Amazon makes it easy to deregister your Audible account on other devices.

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Steps to Deregister Audible Account on Other Devices

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to, and then sign into your Amazon account if prompted. You’ll land on your Amazon home page.
  2. Click “Account and Lists” at the top of the screen to open a drop-down menu. A menu opens.
  3. Find the Your Account section, and then click “Content and Devices” in that section. The Digital Content screen opens.
Click Accounts and Lists on your Amazon home screen to open a menu, and then click Content and Devices in the Your Account section.
  1. Click “Devices” in the menu at the top of this screen. Devices options are shown.
Click Devices.
  1. Scroll down this screen to the Amazon Apps Installed on Devices section, and then click “Audible” in this section. You’ll land on a screen that will show you all of the devices where the Audible app is installed and using your Audible account.
Click Audible.
  1. Find the device you want to remove, and then click “Deregister.” A Deregister This Device window pops up letting you know that moving forward will remove all of your Audible content from that device.
Find the device you want to remove, and then click Deregister.
  1. Click “Deregister.” Your Audible account will be deregistered from that device and your content will be removed from it immediately.
Click Deregister.

Reasons to Deregister Audible Account on Other Devices

1. Device Upgrade

Upgrading to a new device often means selling or disposing of the old one. During this transition, security is a key concern. To safeguard personal information, it is necessary to deregister your Audible account. Deregistration ensures the new owner cannot access your audiobooks or make unauthorized purchases. In essence, this step shields your personal interests and prevents potential misuse.

2. Device Loss or Theft

Losing a device or falling victim to theft can be distressing. It’s even more so when personal data might be compromised. Deregistering your Audible account in such situations reduces risks. It ensures whoever finds or possesses the device cannot access your Audible account. This preemptive action protects your audiobooks and restricts any unauthorized activities.

3. Device Sharing

Sharing a device can sometimes mean sharing access to apps. Deregistering your Audible account becomes crucial when you no longer want to share access to your content. This action safeguards your privacy and ensures others cannot access your personal audiobook library. It is a proactive step towards maintaining your digital boundaries.

4. Multiple Devices

Audible limits the number of devices you can use with one account. When you want to use a new device, you may hit that limit. To make room for new devices, deregistering from old ones is necessary. This process keeps you within Audible’s guidelines and ensures seamless access to your audiobooks across preferred devices.

5. Troubleshooting

Apps sometimes experience technical problems. For Audible, deregistering a device can act as a reset and potentially fix some issues. This action can help refresh your account on the device. After deregistration, your device might function better with Audible. It’s a potential solution when you encounter technical hitches.

6. Privacy Concerns

Privacy online is paramount. If you decide to stop using Audible, deregistering all devices protects your privacy. It ensures that even if someone accesses a device you used, your Audible content stays secure. This measure essentially prevents unauthorized users from viewing your listening habits or accessing your library.

7. Device Performance

Apps like Audible occupy storage space on a device. Over time, this can slow down your device’s performance. By deregistering and removing the app, you can free up storage space. This action may improve your device’s overall speed and efficiency. It’s a good practice for maintaining your device’s health.

8. Account Closure

If you decide to close your Audible account, deregistering from all devices is a must-do. This action ensures that no device retains access to your account. It makes sure that all ties to the service are cut off. It’s the final step in ensuring complete closure and disassociation from the service.

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