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Maybe you’ve got multiple Epic Games accounts and you just want to get rid of the accounts you’re not using. Maybe you no longer use your Epic Games account because you got tired of the games-as-a-service model for Fortnite and Rocket League. Regardless the reason, Epic makes it relatively easy to delete your Epic Games account. However, be aware that your account won’t permanently be deleted for 14 days after your request, so if you have a change of heart, you can reactivate it inside of that time frame.

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Steps to Delete Epic Games Account

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Sign in to your Epic Games account if prompted. You’ll land on the General Settings screen.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the General Settings screen until you arrive at the Delete Account section. Click “Request Account Delete.” An Enter Security Code window is shown, asking you to enter the security code that was sent to the email associated with your Epic Games account.
  1. Keeping the Epic Games window open, navigate to the email account the security code was sent to, open the email from Epic Games with the subject line Your Security Code, and then copy the security code in the email.

Enter the security code in the Security Code field in the window on the Epic Games site, and then click “Confirm Delete Request.”

Another window appears asking why you’re deleting your Epic Games account. Choose a reason, and then click “Continue.”

An Account Deletion Request Sent window is shown, informing you that your request to delete your Epic Games account has been successfully entered and that you’ll be logged out in 15 seconds.

You’ll also receive an email confirming your request to delete your account. Be aware that your account won’t be deleted for 14 days, and until that time you can log back into your account to reactivate it, which automatically cancels the request to delete your account. However, after your Epic Games account is deleted after the 14-day period, you won’t be able to recover it.

Reasons to Delete Your Epic Games Account

1. Privacy Concerns

Personal information, when shared or stored online, can sometimes lead to privacy concerns. Epic Games, like many digital platforms, collects user data. Some users may feel uneasy about this practice. They might be worried about how their data is used, who it’s shared with, or how securely it’s stored. Deleting their account can seem like a proactive step to safeguard their personal information.

2. Lack of Use

Idle accounts may seem harmless, but they can pose security risks. An unused account is an attractive target for hackers. Also, notifications from an unused account can clog up a user’s email inbox. Hence, users often choose to delete accounts they’re no longer using to reduce clutter and potential security risks.

3. Addiction

Video games can be highly engaging and addictive. For some, the line between healthy enjoyment and addiction blurs. When gaming starts to impact daily routines, personal relationships, or mental health, users may choose to delete their Epic Games account. It’s a hard step, but can be vital for their well-being.

4. Security Concerns

Security online is a significant concern. Epic Games, despite its robust security measures, isn’t immune to hacking attempts. A user may fear that their account has been compromised or could be in the future. In such scenarios, deleting the account can seem like a surefire way to protect personal and financial information.

5. Switching Platforms

Users often have preferred gaming platforms. If someone decides to switch to a new platform, they might no longer need their Epic Games account. Deleting their account might be part of their transition process, ensuring they focus solely on their new gaming platform.

6. Discontent with Company Policies or Practices

Company policies and practices can sometimes lead to user discontent. If a user feels that Epic Games isn’t acting in their best interest or disagrees with its decisions, they might opt to delete their account. This action can be a form of personal protest against the company.

7. Financial Reasons

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. Purchases for games and in-game items add up over time. For users needing to cut down on spending, deleting their Epic Games account can be an effective step. It reduces the temptation to make impulse purchases, helping them manage their finances better.

8. Parental Control

Video games can expose younger players to content parents deem inappropriate. Parents may want to control their child’s exposure to such material. One solution could be to delete their child’s Epic Games account. This step ensures a safer, controlled digital environment for the child.

9. Reducing Digital Footprint

In an age where digital privacy is increasingly valued, some people aim to reduce their digital footprint. Deleting unused or non-essential accounts, like an Epic Games account, is one way to achieve this. It’s a step towards achieving a smaller, more manageable online presence.

10. Issues with Specific Games

Players may face issues with specific games on the Epic Games platform. It could be bugs, gameplay mechanics, or a high level of difficulty. Frustration with these problems may prompt some users to delete their account. They might prefer a gaming experience that better aligns with their preferences and expectations.

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