How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix on iPhone, iPad or Android


Maybe you started watching a show and didn’t like it. Or, maybe you watched something you don’t want other people to find out about. Either way, over time, and for any number of reasons, it’s likely your Netflix Continue Watching row has become cluttered with items you don’t want in it. Thankfully, Netflix makes it easy to remove shows from the Continue Watching section. In this video I’ll show you how to delete shows from the Netflix Continue Watching section in the Netflix app on an iPhone, iPad or Android device, which will remove the unwanted shows from your Continue Watching list across Netflix on all platforms. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix on iPhone, iPad or Android

  1. Launch the Netflix app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, and then scroll down to the Continue Watching row.
  2. Find the movie or show you want to remove from Continue Watching, and then tap the vertical ellipses directly beneath that item.
  3. Tap “Remove from Row” in the menu. A dialog box is displayed, asking if you’re sure you want to remove this title from Continue Watching. Tap “Remove.” That movie or show will be removed from Continue Watching. Repeat this process for any other titles you want to remove from your Netflix Continue Watching list on an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

5 Reasons to Delete Continue Watching from Netflix on iPhone, iPad or Android

1. Privacy Concerns

Privacy is a significant reason why someone might choose to delete their “Continue Watching” list on Netflix. Users often share their accounts with family or friends, leading to a mix of viewing preferences and histories. Removing items from the “Continue Watching” list can prevent others from seeing potentially sensitive or personal viewing choices. This is especially pertinent in environments where multiple users access a single account on devices like iPhones, iPads, or Android tablets and phones. Clearing this history helps maintain a user’s privacy and ensures that their viewing habits remain confidential. This action is particularly important for those who value discretion about their entertainment choices.

2. Clutter Reduction

Over time, the “Continue Watching” list can become cluttered with shows and movies that a user started but no longer intends to finish. This clutter can make it difficult to find the content they are currently interested in. By deleting items from this list, users can streamline their interface, making it easier to navigate and enjoy their preferred content. This is especially beneficial on mobile devices such as iPhones and Android smartphones, where screen space is limited. A cleaner interface enhances the user experience by focusing on currently watched series and films, thus improving overall satisfaction with the app.

3. Relevant Recommendations

Netflix’s recommendation system uses viewing history to suggest new content. Shows or movies that a user is no longer interested in but remain in the “Continue Watching” list can skew these recommendations. By removing these titles, users can ensure that the recommendations they receive are more accurate and tailored to their current tastes. This is crucial for enhancing the content discovery process, helping users find new and engaging entertainment that aligns with their preferences. This optimization of recommendations is particularly effective on platforms like iPads, where the larger display aids in exploring diverse content options.

4. Parental Control

Parents might delete items from the “Continue Watching” list to manage what their children can see on the app. This can be part of broader parental controls to ensure that children do not resume watching shows or movies deemed inappropriate. Deleting these items helps maintain a child-friendly viewing environment on shared devices, such as family tablets or smartphones. It also assists parents in curating a list of shows and movies that contribute positively to their children’s entertainment and education, thereby using Netflix as a tool for appropriate content engagement.

5. Fresh Start

Sometimes, users seek a fresh start to reorganize their viewing habits or rediscover the Netflix platform. Deleting the “Continue Watching” list can feel like resetting one’s entertainment palette, especially if previous viewing experiences were unsatisfactory or if they’re overwhelmed by too many unfinished shows. This can rekindle interest in the Netflix service, as it allows users to start anew without the visual reminder of past viewing choices. This is particularly appealing on mobile devices, where the ease of access can lead to frequent, impulsive viewing decisions. A fresh list can thus motivate users to explore content more thoughtfully and deliberately.

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