How to Delete Continue Watching on HBO Max


The Continue Watching part of HBO Max is great for picking up where you left off on shows you want to keep watching. However, it can be easy for this section to become clogged with shows you stopped watching because you don’t want to finish them. Thankfully, HBO Max makes it possible to clean up your Continue Watching section and delete videos from it you don’t plan on revisiting.

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Steps to Delete Continue Watching on HBO Max

  1. Launch HBO Max on your preferred platform. In this example, I’ll access the website. The following steps will be the same regardless of what platform you’re accessing HBO Max on.
  2. Click either your account name or the account icon on the HBO Max home screen. A menu is displayed.
  3. Select “Continue Watching” in the menu. The Continue Watching screen appears.
Select Continue Watching in the menu.

  1. Click “Edit” in the Continue Watching menu. On the website I see a Remove button displayed on each piece of content, but if you access HBO Max on mobile platforms, such as the iPhone, iPad or Android app, you’ll see an “X” shown next to each video.
Click Edit in the Continue Watching menu.

  1. Click either “Remove” or the “X” to remove any of the videos you don’t want in your Continue Watching list, and then click “Done” when you’re finished. You’ll automatically see your changes reflected in the Continue Watching section on your HBO Max home screen.
Click Remove to remove any of the videos you don't want in your Continue Watching list.

Reasons to Delete Continue Watching on HBO Max

1. Privacy

Keeping your HBO Max watching history private is essential if you share your account with others. Deleting your “Continue Watching” list is an effective way to keep your viewing habits confidential. With the rise of personal streaming platforms, like HBO Max, it’s important to make sure you’re aware of what content you’re sharing. Deleting your “Continue Watching” list helps maintain a level of privacy that can prevent any uncomfortable conversations. Whether you’re watching something controversial or just prefer to keep your interests private, deleting your “Continue Watching” list is an excellent way to maintain your privacy.

2. Embarrassment

We’ve all watched something that we later regret. Whether it’s a movie that didn’t live up to the hype or a show that we found boring, it’s normal to feel a bit embarrassed about what we watch. Deleting these titles from your “Continue Watching” list can help ease that embarrassment. It’s an easy way to avoid the feeling of judgment and keep your preferences to yourself. By removing the shows or movies that don’t quite meet your expectations, you can keep your viewing history free of any judgment.

3. Clutter

If you’ve been using HBO Max for a while, your “Continue Watching” list can become cluttered with titles you no longer need. This clutter can make it hard to find the shows or movies you’re currently watching. By deleting the titles you’ve already finished or lost interest in, you can keep your list clean and organized. A clear “Continue Watching” list allows you to focus on the shows or movies that you’re genuinely interested in.

4. Recommendations

HBO Max’s algorithm provides personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. However, if you’re unhappy with the suggestions you’re getting, deleting your “Continue Watching” list can reset the algorithm. The new algorithm can offer different shows and movies based on your recent interests. A fresh start can help you discover new titles that you might have missed in the past.

5. Starting Fresh

Sometimes, it’s good to start over. Whether you’ve completed your watch list or want to change your viewing preferences, deleting your “Continue Watching” list is an excellent way to start fresh. A new list provides you with a chance to discover new shows and movies that you might not have considered before. You can explore different genres, directors, and actors that you may have overlooked. A clean slate is a fresh start to a new and exciting HBO Max journey.

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