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As of early 2021, roughly 92 percent of all internet searches are done using Google search. As a result, there’s some incredibly sensitive information that flows through the search engine. Whether you’re worried about someone finding sensitive Google searches you did previously, or whether you just want to play it safe and clear everything out, Google makes it easy to erase your Google search history. All of the steps I’ll walk through in this video can be used whether you’re using a desktop or laptop, or an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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Steps to Delete All Google Search History

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to You’ll land on your Google My Activity site.
  2. Click “Delete Activity By” in the menu on the left side of the screen. The Delete Activity window is shown. This window will give you the option to delete your chosen data over either the last hour, the last day, all time, or over a custom period of time.

  1. In this example, because we want to clear all of our Google search history, I’ll choose “All Time.” A list of Google services you can delete activity from is listed.

  1. Click “Select All” to de-select all of the listed services.

  1. Scroll down this list until you get to Search, and then click to place a check mark next to Search. A window is shown asking you to confirm that you want to delete your selection, and displaying some examples of the type of information that will be deleted.

  1. Click “Delete.”

A Delete Complete window is displayed, confirming that all of your Google search history has been deleted. Click “Got It” to close this window.

Reasons to Delete All of Your Google Search History

1. Privacy Concerns

Respecting personal privacy is crucial in today’s digital world. With Google collecting and storing vast amounts of data about users, unease is understandable. Deleting search history helps individuals regain control over their information. It limits Google’s access to their personal data, enhancing their privacy.

2. Preventing Tracking

Companies use your search history to customize advertisements. This tracking can feel intrusive to some. Erasing search history hampers these targeted ads, providing a more generic browsing experience. Users appreciate the unmonitored feeling that comes with a clean search slate.

3. Sensitive Information

Search history can reveal a lot about a person, including health conditions, financial situations, or legal issues. Some information is best kept private. Deleting search history ensures this sensitive information remains confidential, not just from Google, but from anyone with access to your device.

4. Shared Devices

Sharing devices is common among families or coworkers. In these situations, search history can reveal personal interests or activities. Deleting search history keeps your online activities private, ensuring that only you know what you’re looking for on the internet.

5. Professional Reasons

Your Google search history could be linked to your professional image. Queries about job changes, company secrets, or competitor analysis could paint an unprofessional picture. Deleting your Google search history can safeguard your professional reputation by ensuring your searches don’t reflect negatively on you.

6. Legal Reasons

Certain legal situations may warrant the deletion of search history. Potential lawsuits or investigations may require you to eliminate any trace of your online searches. Deleting search history in such scenarios helps you abide by the legal directives.

7. Cleaning Up

Just like a tidy physical workspace, a clean digital workspace can boost productivity and peace of mind. Removing search history helps keep your online workspace clutter-free, eliminating unnecessary distractions from your past internet activities.

8. Performance

An extensive search history can slow down your browser, especially on older devices. Clearing this history can improve the speed and responsiveness of your device. You get to enjoy a smoother browsing experience with a clean search history.

9. Preventing Recommendations

Google utilizes search history to tailor content recommendations on platforms like YouTube. Some users prefer non-personalized recommendations. By deleting all of your Google search history, users ensure past searches don’t influence their future content experiences.

10. Start Fresh

Occasionally, starting from scratch provides a fresh perspective. Your interests evolve over time, and so should your search history. Clearing your past Google searches helps you explore new topics without old searches interfering. It’s like a fresh start for your digital journey.

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