How to Customize Shortcuts in Your Facebook Menu on iPhone, iPad or Android


Have you ever wondered why someone may see an icon in their mobile Facebook menu that you don’t? For example, maybe they have Facebook Marketplace in their menu, but you don’t. It’s because Facebook automatically picks the shortcuts that get displayed in your mobile Facebook menu based on what it thinks you’ll want. Thankfully, you can easily customize the shortcuts that are shown in your Facebook menu and personalize your experience.

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Steps to Customize Shortcuts in Your Facebook Menu on iPhone, iPad or Android

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, and then tap “Menu” along the bottom of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of this menu, tap to expand “Settings and Privacy,” and then tap “Settings” in the expanded menu.
  1. Scroll down to the Preferences section, and then tap “Shortcuts.”
  1. Tap “Shortcut Bar.” By default, all of the available shortcuts will be set to Auto, which means that Facebook will choose the shortcuts it thinks you’ll want to see and display them in your Facebook menu.
  1. Tap the drop-down menu next to any of the items in this list that you want to display in your Facebook menu. In this example, I’ll tap the drop-down menu next to Marketplace. A menu pops up at the bottom of the screen giving you options to pin or hide this specific shortcut.
  2. Because I want to make sure Marketplace is displayed in my Facebook menu, I’ll tap “Pin.” Marketplace is pinned in my Your Shortcuts section. I’ll repeat this process to pin News to my Your Shortcuts section as well.
  1. Alternatively, tap the drop-down menu next to any of the shortcuts you want to make sure don’t get displayed in your Facebook menu, and then tap “Hide” in the pop-up menu. Those items will be displayed in the Hidden Shortcuts section, and won’t ever be displayed in your Facebook menu. Your menu will be modified immediately as you make changes in this section.

Reasons to Customize Shortcuts in Your Facebook Menu on iPhone, iPad or Android

1. Convenience

Convenience is a prime consideration for any app user. The Facebook app is no different. You want to access your favorite features swiftly. By customizing shortcuts in the Facebook app, you create a personal map. This map leads to your most visited areas without delay. No more scrolling through countless options. Your favorite functions are at your fingertips. In the end, your Facebook experience becomes more pleasant and less cumbersome.

2. Efficiency

Efficiency means getting more done in less time. This applies to your Facebook usage as well. Removing the unnecessary steps to reach your preferred features makes your browsing faster. It’s like creating a direct route to your destination. Shortcuts take away the extra time spent navigating through unrelated functions. The result is a smooth and efficient Facebook experience.

3. Cleaner User Interface

A cluttered interface can be overwhelming. Facebook is a robust app, brimming with features. Not every feature, however, is essential for every user. By customizing your Facebook menu, you remove irrelevant shortcuts. This declutters your menu. The user interface then becomes visually pleasing and less chaotic. It’s akin to cleaning your workspace for better focus.

4. Prioritizing Interests

Everyone has unique interests. Customizing Facebook shortcuts allows you to reflect these individual tastes. Whether it’s following news or participating in groups, prioritizing shortcuts helps. You tailor your Facebook to suit your preferences. You decide what appears first in your menu. This makes your social media time more fulfilling and catered to your tastes.

5. Control Over Features

Facebook’s frequent updates can shuffle your app layout. This can be disorienting for regular users. Customizing shortcuts provides a solution. It allows you to take the reins of your interface. Despite any updates, you maintain the layout you prefer. This provides consistency and familiarity in your Facebook experience.

6. Reducing Distractions

Distractions are everywhere, especially on social media. Games, notifications, and more vie for your attention. By customizing your Facebook shortcuts, you can limit these diversions. Remove non-essential shortcuts and focus on what matters. This promotes productive and meaningful time on the app. Your Facebook activity becomes a curated experience, free from unwanted distractions.

7. Accessibility

Accessibility is a vital aspect of any app. For those with disabilities, the default layout may not suffice. Customizing shortcuts can make Facebook more accessible. Users can arrange features in a manner that suits their specific needs. This empowers every user to have an engaging and inclusive Facebook experience.

8. Ease of Navigation

Familiarity breeds comfort. When your Facebook menu matches your preferences, navigation becomes intuitive. Customizing shortcuts aids this process. It lets you arrange the menu to your liking. This familiarity speeds up navigation and makes using Facebook more enjoyable. It’s like having a home where everything is just where you want it.

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