How to Create and Share a Private Snapchat Story


Snapchat stories are a great way to share moments with friends and family. However, if you have a more personal story you want to share on the social media platform with only a few people, Snapchat makes it possible to do that using the private story feature. People who have access to your private Snapchat stories will be aware they are viewing private content, but they will not know who else has access to that content. Additionally, private Snapchat stories are only available for 24 hours, like a regular Snapchat story, and no special notifications will be sent to users making them aware they have access to a private story.

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Steps to Create and Share a Private Snapchat Story

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll land on your Snapchat home screen.
  2. Tap your Snapchat profile icon at the top of the screen. You’ll land on your Snapchat account screen.
  3. Navigate down to the “My Stories” section, and then tap “New Story.” A Pick Your Story Type window pops up.

  1. Tap to select “New Private Story.” The New Private Story window is displayed showing a list of your contacts.

  1. Tap to place a check mark next to who you want to be able to view your private Snapchat story. Again, as a reminder, your private Snapchat story will only be available for 24 hours and the people who have access to it won’t get any special notifications about having access to your private story.

After selecting everyone you want to be able to view your private Snapchat story, tap “Create Story.” A window prompting you to give your private Snapchat story a name pops up.

  1. Enter the name for your private Snapchat story, and then tap “Done.” Your private Snapchat story is now available for those who have access to it.

You can delete your private Snapchat story at any time by navigating back to your account screen and then the My Stories section, tapping the ellipses next to your private story to open a menu, and then tapping “Delete Private Story.”

Reasons to Create and Share a Private Snapchat Story

1. Select Audience

The appeal of a select audience lies in the controlled exposure. We often tailor our narratives to suit the listener. With Snapchat, the same principle applies. A private story lets you curate content for a specific group. You might share your academic accomplishments with school friends, or travel adventures with globetrotter buddies. By controlling your audience, your content resonates more effectively.

2. Privacy

In a world where our digital footprints are scrutinized, maintaining privacy becomes paramount. Sharing everything with everyone isn’t always prudent or desired. A private Snapchat story ensures that only chosen people view your updates. It’s not about secrecy, but about preserving personal spaces and sharing slices of life with those who genuinely value them.

3. Event Updates

Real-time updates from events can enhance collective experiences. Imagine a concert where a group of friends can share their perspectives via a private story. Everyone experiences different aspects, creating a richer narrative of the occasion. Sharing event updates via a private story keeps the experience exclusive to the participants.

4. Targeted Content

Sharing targeted content is like serving a personalized dish. You might have content related to a particular hobby or interest that only a select few appreciate. A private story lets you cater to this niche, providing an environment where people can indulge in a shared interest. It’s a delightful way of fostering community and connection.

5. Personal Interaction

Private stories can boost engagement by making interactions feel more personal. In smaller groups, people often feel more relaxed and open to share their thoughts or feelings. A private Snapchat story can facilitate such interactions, enabling meaningful conversations and fostering closer relationships.

6. Group Updates

Group updates are a wonderful way to maintain cohesiveness within a close-knit circle. Be it a family sharing snippets of their daily life, or a project team celebrating small victories, a private story lets you bond over shared experiences. It’s like a digital diary, capturing the pulse of your collective journey.

7. Professional Use

Private stories can be powerful tools for professionals. Businesses may use them to cultivate a sense of exclusivity, offering sneak peeks, previews, or limited-time deals to select customers. Personal brands might utilize private stories to share candid moments, thereby creating a more intimate rapport with their audience.

8. More Authentic Sharing

Private stories allow for more authentic sharing. When you share with a smaller group, you may feel less pressure to project a certain image. This freedom allows you to express yourself more authentically, sharing the raw, unfiltered moments that make life special.

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