How to Convert Live Photo to GIF on iPhone


Did you capture the perfect Live Photo on your iPhone that you feel needs to live in infamy as a GIF? Maybe it’s a picture of a friend making an embarrassing face or a pet lashing out. In only a few minutes using your iPhone’s native functionality you can apply an animation and send out a GIF that can be shared forever. In this article I’ll show you how to convert a life photo to a GIF on iPhone. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Convert a Live Photo to a GIF on Your iPhone

  1. Tap to open the “Photos” app on your iPhone. You’ll land on your Photos screen.
  2. Tap “Albums” in the row of options along the bottom of the Photos app.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Albums screen on your iPhone until you get to the Media Types section, and then tap “Live Photos.” All of the Live Photos available on your iPhone will appear on the Live Photos screen.
  4. Tap to open the iPhone Live Photo you want to turn into a GIF. That photo will open on its own screen. In this example, I’ll choose a Live Photo of our dog.
  5. Swipe up on the Live Photo to reveal the Effects section, where you’ll see options for Live, Loop and Bounce. Loop will create a loop of your Live Photo with a fade at the end that goes back to the beginning. Here’s what the Loop GIF with my iPhone Live Photo looks like. Alternatively, when you choose Bounce, when you get to the end of your Live Photo, a bouncing effect will be applied that takes you back to the beginning of your Live Photo. Here’s what the Bounce GIF with my iPhone Live Photo looks like. After choosing either Loop or Bounce, you’ll be returned to the top of the screen where you’ll see your selected effect applied to your iPhone Live Photo. You can also verify your choice of either Loop or Bounce by checking in the upper left corner, where it will be displayed.
  6. Tap the “Send To” icon in the lower left corner of the screen when you’re ready to export your Live Photo GIF. You’ll be zoomed out to the Send To screen. From here you can choose to send the iPhone Live Photo GIF to someone through a messaging service, such as Message or Messenger, email the file to yourself or someone else, save it to your files, or use any of the other options to send it.
  7. You can find all of the iPhone Live Photos you’ve turned into a GIF by navigating back to the Albums part of the Photos app, and tapping “Animated” in the Media Types section. A list of all of your iPhone Live Photos that have been turned into GIFs will be displayed.

5 Reasons to Convert a Live Photo to a GIF on Your iPhone

1. Sharing is Caring

Live Photos are great, but not everyone can view them. Converting your Live Photos to GIFs ensures that anyone can enjoy the moment, regardless of their device or platform. Social media platforms and messaging apps often support GIFs better than the unique Live Photo format. GIFs load quickly and loop automatically, making them perfect for quick, entertaining posts. They are also ideal for email attachments where you want to inject a little personality without worrying about compatibility issues.

2. Infinite Loops

A Live Photo captures a brief moment, playing it back with a touch. Converting it into a GIF allows this moment to loop endlessly. This is perfect for capturing repetitive actions or funny moments that gain comedic value with each repeat. A waving hand, a jumping pet, or even a funny face becomes a mesmerizing scene that keeps on giving. The looped GIF can be a great conversation starter or a memorable way to keep a moment alive.

3. Editing Ease

GIFs are easier to edit than Live Photos. Numerous apps and online tools cater to GIF manipulation, offering features like text overlays, stickers, or filters. This accessibility turns a standard Live Photo into a personalized, creative expression. Users can trim their GIFs to the perfect length, ensuring only the best part of their Live Photo is highlighted. This versatility makes GIFs a favorite among those who love to tweak and tailor their visual content.

4. Space Savers

While Live Photos are richer in quality, they’re also larger in file size. Converting them to GIFs can save significant storage space on your device. For those who enjoy capturing countless moments but don’t want to invest in extra storage or cloud services, GIFs are an efficient solution. They maintain the essence of a Live Photo but occupy less space, making them ideal for keeping more memories handy without filling up your iPhone.

5. Creative Projects

GIFs serve as building blocks for creative projects. Whether you’re creating a digital collage, a presentation, or a webpage, GIFs can add dynamic elements that attract attention. By converting Live Photos to GIFs, you provide yourself with more material to work with. These GIFs can be integrated into larger multimedia projects, enhancing their appeal and engagement. They’re not just for fun; they’re practical tools for storytelling and digital art.

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