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Maybe you watched something on your Apple TV+ account you’re embarrassed about and you don’t want other people to know. Or, maybe your kids have flooded your Apple TV+ watch history with kids shows, and now children’s shows are taking over your recommendations. No matter what your reason is, Apple makes it easy to quickly clear everything you’ve ever watched from your Apple TV+ watch history. The only condition is that you have to clear everything from your watch history, and you can’t clear any individual items.

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Steps to Clear Apple TV+ Watch History

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Sign into your Apple TV account if prompted. You’ll land on your Apple TV home screen.
  2. Click the profile icon at the top of the screen to open a menu, and then click “Settings” in that menu. The Account Settings screen is displayed.
Click the profile icon at the top of the screen to open a menu, and then click Settings in that menu.
  1. Scroll down this screen until you get to the Play History section, and then click “Clear Play History.” A Clear Play History window is shown, letting you know that Apple will clear what you’ve watch on the Apple TV app and the Apple TV+ website from your account’s watch history.
Click Clear Play History.
  1. Click “Clear Play History” again. You’ll see a message letting you know that your Apple TV+ watch history has been successfully cleared.
Click Clear Play History.

Reasons to Clear Apple TV+ Watch History

1. Privacy Concerns

Watching content on Apple TV+ is a personal experience. People often prefer to keep their viewing habits private. When multiple individuals share an account or device, your watch history can reveal your tastes and preferences. This exposure might lead to discomfort, especially if you’re watching sensitive or controversial content. Clearing your watch history ensures your privacy is maintained.

2. Recommendation Reset

Apple TV+ uses your watch history to suggest shows or movies you might enjoy. Sometimes these recommendations can miss the mark, suggesting content that isn’t relevant to your interests. If you’re receiving irrelevant suggestions, erasing your watch history can reset your recommendation algorithm. This means Apple TV+ will start with a clean slate to learn your preferences.

3. Decluttering Interface

The Apple TV+ interface displays recently watched or ‘continue watching’ content. Over time, this list can become cluttered with shows or movies you started but never finished. Clearing your watch history helps keep your interface tidy, allowing for easier navigation.

4. Starting Over

When you rewatch a show or movie on Apple TV+, it often resumes from where you last stopped. If you want to experience the content afresh from the beginning, clearing the specific title from your history will ensure a fresh start. This offers an uninterrupted viewing experience when revisiting your favorite content.

5. Incorrect Episode Marking

Apple TV+ might sometimes mistakenly mark an episode as watched. This can be annoying as it may skip the episode when binge-watching a series. Clearing your watch history resolves this problem. Once the history is cleared, the incorrectly marked episode will be reset.

6. Parental Control

Parents often share their Apple TV+ account with their children. Kids might stumble upon shows or movies in the history that aren’t age-appropriate. By clearing the watch history, parents can ensure that only suitable content is visible. This promotes a safer and more controlled viewing environment for children.

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