How to Change Power Button in Android to Turn Phone Off


Starting with Android 12, Google changed holding down the Power button on its mobile operating system to open Google Assistant rather than bringing up a menu you could use to turn your device off. Thankfully, if you’re not a heavy user of Google Assistant and you just want to go back to the way things were when you could use the Power button to turn off your Android phone, you can easily do that.

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Steps to Change Power Button in Android to Turn Phone Off

  1. Swipe up on your Android home screen to open a menu, and then tap “Settings” on that screen.
  2. Scroll down this screen until you see System, and then tap “System.”

  1. Tap “Gestures.” You’ll land on the Gestures screen.

  1. Tap “Press and Hold Power Button.”

  1. Navigate to the Press and Hold Power Button to Access section, and then tap to shade in the toggle next to Power Menu. Going forward, pressing and holding the Power button on your Android device will prompt you to power your Android phone off.

3 Reasons to Have the Power Button Open a Power Menu on Your Android Phone

1. Accidental Google Assistant Activation

Many Android users have experienced the frustration of accidentally launching Google Assistant when all they wanted to do was turn off their phone. It’s easy to understand why this can be a problem, as Google Assistant can be slow to load and may interfere with the user’s workflow. By changing the power button to bring up a power menu, users can avoid this problem altogether. They can easily access the power options they need without the risk of launching Google Assistant by mistake.

2. Customization

Android is known for its customization options, and changing the power button functionality is just one way users can personalize their phone. By customizing the power button to bring up a power menu, users can create a more streamlined experience that suits their needs. They can choose which power options are displayed in the menu and rearrange them as desired. This level of customization can help users feel more in control of their phone and make it easier to use.

3. Consistency

If you’re used to accessing power options through a power menu on another device or operating system, changing the power button on your Android phone can provide a more consistent experience across your devices. This can help reduce confusion and make it easier to navigate your phone’s settings. Additionally, if you frequently switch between devices or use multiple Android phones, a consistent power menu can help ensure that you can quickly and easily access the power options you need, no matter which device you’re using.

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