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Maybe a hacker got into your email account. Or, maybe you’re just considering closing down an email account you no longer use. Regardless the reason it’s a good idea to keep an active, non-compromised email address associated with your Epic Games account, so you can ensure you safely get communications from Epic Games. Changing your Epic Games email only takes a few minutes.

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Steps to Change Epic Games Email

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Sign in to your Epic Games account if prompted. You’ll land on the General Settings screen.
  2. Click the “Edit” icon next to Email Address. A window appears prompting you to enter the new email address you want to be associated with your Epic Games, or Fortnite, account. Additionally, there will be a note that a verification code will be sent to your old email address that you’ll need to verify in order to switch.

  1. Enter the new email address you want to use in the New Email Address field, and then click “Confirm.”

  1. Another window appears prompting you to enter the security code that was sent to your old email account. Navigate to the email account previously associated with your Epic Games account, open the email you just received from Epic Games to get the security code, enter the security code in the field, and then click “Continue.” The next window will prompt you to verify your new email account.
  2. Navigate to the new email account you want to use with your Epic Games account, open the email from Epic Games, and then click to verify your email address.

  1. Your Epic Games email account is now successfully changed. You can confirm this change by navigating back to your Epic Games account information screen and checking the email address associated with your account. Additionally, you’ll also receive an email from Epic Games confirming that the email change was successful.

Reasons to Change Your Epic Games Email Address

1. Email Account Compromised

When a gamer’s email account gets hacked, their Epic Games account becomes vulnerable. Hackers can use this email access to reset passwords, gain control over game assets, or even sell the account. Changing the email address associated with the Epic Games account to a secure one helps protect valuable gaming progress and personal information.

2. Closing Old Email Account

Gamers may decide to close their old email accounts for various reasons, such as unwanted spam or privacy concerns. If a player’s Epic Games account is tied to an old email that’s being phased out, changing the email is necessary. It ensures continued access to game updates, password reset options, and other Epic Games communication.

3. Privacy Concerns

In our digital age, privacy is a paramount concern. Players might want their Epic Games account linked to an email that doesn’t reveal personal details. By using an anonymous or less personal email, gamers can reduce the risk of real-life implications, should their gaming account be compromised.

4. Switching to More Used Email

It’s not uncommon for people to have multiple email accounts. If a player realizes they check one email more frequently than the one associated with their Epic Games account, it makes sense to switch. Doing so ensures they stay up-to-date with Epic Games announcements, security alerts, and password change notifications.

5. Spam Management

Gaming platforms often send regular updates, promotional emails, and notifications. These can crowd an inbox and make it harder for important messages to stand out. Switching the Epic Games account to an email designated for gaming helps manage spam. It also prevents game notifications from being lost among personal or work emails.

6. Organizational Purposes

For organization enthusiasts, having a separate email for gaming is an attractive prospect. An exclusive email for Epic Games helps keep gaming-related messages separate and easily accessible. It minimizes clutter in personal or work inboxes and keeps gaming life neatly compartmentalized.

7. Account Sale or Transfer

Selling or transferring an Epic Games account necessitates an email change. The new owner needs to have complete control, including access to linked email. Once the email is changed, the new owner receives all communication, such as password reset instructions, purchase confirmations, and promotional emails.

8. Inaccurate Email Address

A typo during Epic Games registration could lead to an account linked to a non-existent email address. This blocks all communication from Epic Games. The only remedy is to correct the email address. Once corrected, gamers can receive vital account-related communication.

9. Professionalism

A silly or unprofessional email address might be a leftover from a gamer’s younger years. Switching to a more professional email not only enhances the image but also reflects the player’s maturity. It can be especially important if the gamer is stepping into professional or public spheres, such as eSports or streaming.

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