How to Change Apple AirTag Battery


Apple’s AirTags are a great option for tracking items you don’t want to lose. However, if you let the battery go empty it won’t be able to return a signal when you need it. As a result, it’s a good idea to plan to change the CR2032 battery in your Apple AirTag roughly every 11 months to make sure the battery has plenty of juice when you need it. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Change Apple AirTag Battery

  1. Position the AirTag so the silver side with the Apple logo is facing you.
  2. Pick the AirTag up and position two fingers and your thumb under the AirTag so they form a virtual triangle.
  3. Now take two fingers on your other hand, push down on the silver plate, and then turn left, or counter-clockwise, until you feel the silver plate become loose.
  4. Remove the silver plate from the rest of the AirTag. You’ll see your battery sitting on the inside.
  5. Remove the current battery, and then put a new CR2032 battery in, making sure the positive side with the plus sign is facing up. You’ll hear a chime sound letting you know when the battery is firmly seated.
  6. Replace the silver plate on the other half of the AirTag, taking care to line the grooves on the AirTag up with the grooves around the battery bay.
  7. Pick the Apple AirTag back up and position your fingers similarly to the way you did when you removed the silver plate.
  8. Gently squeeze the two sides together, and then turn the silver plate to the right, or clockwise. The silver plate should not be loose, and you should see a slight gap between the silver plate and the AirTag all the way around the device. If there is any looseness or the gap is uneven, you’ll need to remove the plate and try again. If everything looks good, you were successful in replacing your Apple AirTag battery.

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