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Maybe you tried the Spotify Premium free trial and didn’t feel like paying for the popular music streaming service would be worth it. Or, maybe you tried a bunch of music streaming services and liked some of the others more than Spotify. No matter the reason, Spotify makes it easy to cancel the Spotify Premium free trial and switch back to the free version of Spotify. And if you decide to cancel your Spotify Premium free trial early don’t worry, you’ll still have access to Spotify Premium through the end of the trial period when your account will automatically switch back over to the free version of Spotify. And finally, if you subscribed to Spotify through the app on your Apple or Android device, you can watch this video to cancel Spotify on iPhone or iPad, or this video to cancel Spotify on Google Play.

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Steps to Cancel Spotify Premium Free Trial

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to, and then log into your Spotify account if prompted. You’ll land on your Spotify account screen.
  2. Click “Available Plans” in the menu on the left side of the screen. You’ll see plan options on the right side of the screen.
Open a web browser, navigate to Click Available Plans in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  1. Scroll down this menu until you see the Spotify Free plan, and then click “Cancel Premium” in that section. The next screen gives you an overview of how your listening experience will change if you cancel Spotify Premium and switch to the free version of Spotify.
Scroll down this menu until you see the Spotify Free plan, and then click Cancel Premium in that section.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and then click “Continue to Cancel.” The next screen asks if you’re sure you want to cancel Spotify Premium, and lets you know what date your experience will switch from the premium version of Spotify to the free version.
Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and then click Continue to Cancel.
  1. Click “Yes Cancel.”
Click Yes, Cancel.

The next screen lets you know that you’ve successfully cancelled your Spotify Premium free trial.

The next screen lets you know that you've successfully cancelled your Spotify Premium free trial.

You’ll also see the exact date that your Spotify Premium subscription will end.

You'll also see the exact date that your Spotify Premium subscription will end.

Reasons to Cancel Spotify Premium Free Trial

1. Cost Concerns

People often try out Spotify Premium’s free trial to experience its perks. However, once the trial ends, a subscription fee comes into play. The potential of an automatic charge post-trial can deter some from continuing. Not everyone wants or can afford a monthly fee. Moreover, with numerous expenses in everyday life, adding another regular cost might not seem justifiable. Canceling before the trial ends avoids this financial commitment.

2. Limited Use

For casual listeners, Spotify Premium’s features might outweigh their usage. Someone might enjoy music occasionally, making the added benefits of the premium version unnecessary. If a user doesn’t listen frequently, the appeal of a paid subscription lessens. Without consistent use, the advantages of Premium diminish, leading to potential cancellation.

3. Preference for Another Service

Loyalty to other platforms can play a significant role. A user might prefer Apple Music, Tidal, or YouTube Music due to interface, exclusive content, or prior experience. Every platform has unique offerings. If Spotify doesn’t align with a user’s taste or preferences, they might revert to their previous choice or explore new options.

4. Technical Issues

Apps can sometimes face bugs, crashes, or compatibility problems. If a user consistently encounters these problems with Spotify, frustration builds. Regular disruptions in listening sessions, especially when one pays, can lead to dissatisfaction. Technical glitches, especially if unresolved, can prompt users to look for alternatives.

5. Content Satisfaction

Music variety, curated playlists, and artist availability differ on every platform. Spotify, while vast, might not cater to every musical taste. If a user doesn’t find their preferred genre, artist, or album, the value proposition decreases. For them, satisfaction derives from content; its absence signals time to move on.

6. Data Consumption

Streaming, especially at higher qualities, demands significant data. This becomes a problem for those on limited data plans. Data consumption concerns become more pronounced when streaming daily. Exceeding one’s data limit or incurring extra charges isn’t desirable, leading to trial cancellation.

7. Sound Quality

Audiophiles seek the best sound experience. Although Spotify Premium offers enhanced quality, some platforms provide lossless or high-resolution audio. Sound enthusiasts, always chasing superior listening experiences, might lean towards these alternatives if they deem Spotify’s quality inadequate.

8. Forgetfulness

People lead busy lives. Sometimes, they initiate a trial with every intention to explore, but life happens. Realizing the risk of forgetting to cancel and subsequently getting billed, some prefer to end the trial proactively. It’s a protective step against unintentional costs.

9. Testing Other Trials

Exploring options is natural. Some users might initiate multiple streaming service trials to gauge the best fit. Once they experience Spotify but still wish to try others, they might cancel to prevent overlapping subscriptions or charges.

10. Not Using Premium Features

Offline listening, unlimited skips, and an ad-free experience are Spotify Premium hallmarks. However, if a user doesn’t leverage these perks, they might question the trial’s value. Without maximizing these benefits, the appeal of a paid subscription diminishes.

11. Privacy Concerns

In the digital age, data privacy matters immensely. Any discomfort about how Spotify handles personal data can be a deal-breaker. Trust plays a pivotal role in user retention. If trust falters due to privacy issues, users will likely cancel their trials.

12. Difficulties with Interface

A user-friendly interface can make or break an app experience. If someone finds Spotify’s interface unintuitive or challenging to navigate, they might not want to continue. An app’s ease of use directly impacts user satisfaction and retention.

13. Ads in Podcasts

Spotify Premium promises an ad-free music experience. However, certain podcasts might contain embedded ads. For users expecting a completely ad-free environment, this can be jarring. If the promise doesn’t match the reality, it’s a motivation to cancel.

14. Local Music Integration

Some users possess extensive local music collections. Integrating these collections into streaming apps enhances the experience. If Spotify falls short in accommodating local files seamlessly, it can deter users who heavily rely on their personal libraries.

15. Change in Circumstances

Life is unpredictable. A user’s financial or personal situation might shift unexpectedly. Whether it’s job loss, budget adjustments, or other life events, changing circumstances can push users to reevaluate their subscription choices and cancel trials.

16. Accidental Subscription

Mistakes happen. Someone might unintentionally activate the Spotify Premium trial. Realizing the error, the immediate instinct is to cancel. It’s a straightforward way to rectify an unintended action.

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