How to Cancel GoDaddy Domain Renewal


When you purchase a domain through GoDaddy that domain is automatically set up to auto renew. If you get to a point when you no longer need a GoDaddy domain, your best option for cancelling that domain is to turn off auto renew and let the domain expire. And while turning off automatic renewal for GoDaddy domains should be easy, it does require users to jump through some hoops.

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Steps to Cancel GoDaddy Domain Renewal

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to, and then sign in to your GoDaddy account. You’ll land on your GoDaddy home page.
  2. Navigate down to the All Products and Services section, and then click to expand Domains. You’ll see a list of all domains associated with your GoDaddy account.
  3. Click “Manage” next to the domain you want to cancel auto renewal for. The Domain Settings screen for that domain is displayed.
Click Manage next to the domain you want to cancel auto renewal for.

  1. Scroll down to the Additional Settings section, find Auto Renew, and then click “Cancel Domain On” next to that. The Manage Your Billing screen is shown. Notice that the buttons along the top of the Subscriptions window are all greyed out and not clickable by default.
Scroll down to the Additional Settings section, find Auto Renew, and then click Cancel Domain On next to that.

  1. Click to place a check mark next to the GoDaddy domain you want to turn off auto renew for to select it, and then click “Cancel Renewal.” A window pops up saying that GoDaddy is sorry auto renew didn’t work out for you. You’ll see the date that you’ll be able to use that domain through.
Click to place a check mark next to the GoDaddy domain you want to turn off auto renew for to select it.

Click Cancel Renewal.

  1. Click “Cancel Renewal.” You’ll be bounced back to the Manage Your Billing screen, where you’ll see your cancel date in the Billing Date field.
Click Cancel Renewal.

Reasons to Cancel GoDaddy Domain Renewal

1. Cost Considerations

The financial aspect of maintaining a domain is crucial. GoDaddy’s renewal fees can sometimes seem burdensome, especially for small businesses or individuals. High costs without equivalent value are a valid reason for cancellation. Saving money by switching to a more cost-effective registrar can enhance the financial health of your business.

2. Switching to a Different Registrar

A plethora of domain registrars exist, each with unique offerings. If a different registrar provides better customer service, more attractive pricing, or additional features, cancelling GoDaddy’s domain renewal makes sense. Registrar migration can lead to a better overall user experience, especially when moving to a platform that better aligns with your needs.

3. Change in Business or Project

Projects evolve, and businesses pivot. If the original purpose for a domain no longer exists due to such changes, renewing it becomes unnecessary. Cancelling renewal helps to eliminate unnecessary costs and declutter your digital assets.

4. Customer Service Dissatisfaction

Customer service plays an integral role in any service industry. Poor customer service from GoDaddy can be a compelling reason to cancel domain renewal. A registrar that values its customers and resolves their issues efficiently can greatly improve your experience.

5. Lack of Use

Paying for an unused domain is wasteful. Domains bought for future use or on impulse often remain idle. Cancelling the renewal of such domains eliminates unnecessary expenses and simplifies domain management.

6. Privacy Concerns

Privacy is paramount in the digital age. If you have doubts about how GoDaddy handles your personal information or their privacy policies, cancellation is a logical step. Finding a registrar that respects user privacy can provide peace of mind.

7. Website Closure

If you decide to close your website, renewing its domain becomes redundant. The reason for closure may vary from business shut down to a shift in focus. In such cases, cancelling domain renewal avoids needless expenditure.

8. Switching to a New Domain

Sometimes, a new domain better suits your needs. This could be due to rebranding or targeting a new audience. In such situations, the old GoDaddy domain becomes obsolete, and cancelling its renewal is prudent.

9. Technical Issues

Frequent technical issues can be frustrating. If your GoDaddy domain experiences consistent problems affecting your website’s performance, cancelling the renewal is justifiable. A reliable domain is fundamental to maintaining a functional website.

10. Difficulty in Management

User-friendly domain management is critical for a smooth experience. If GoDaddy’s platform feels complex and challenging to navigate, cancelling the renewal is an understandable decision. A registrar with an intuitive interface can make domain management an easier task.

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