How to Cancel Dribbleup Membership


Maybe you jumped into DribbleUp and now you’re thinking of taking a step back. Or, maybe you purchased DribbleUp for your kids in hopes it would propel them to sports greatness only to watch them never use it. No sweat! Today, I’m here to guide you through the process of canceling your DribbleUp membership.

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Steps to Cancel Dribbleup Membership

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to, and then sign in to your DribbleUp account if prompted. You’ll land on your DribbleUp home screen.
  2. Tap the “Menu” icon at the top of the screen. A menu is displayed.

  1. Tap “Manage My Account.” Your DribbleUp account screen is shown.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen, and then tap “Cancel and Lose Access.” The next screen warns you that you’re about to cancel your DribbleUp membership.

  1. Tap “Cancel Membership.” A window pops up that asks if you’re sure you want to cancel your DribbleUp membership.

  1. Tap “Cancel My Membership.” The next screen confirms that you’ve successfully cancelled your DribbleUp membership.

Reasons to Cancel Dribbleup Membership

1. Financial Reasons

Many people set budgets to manage their finances effectively. When examining monthly expenses, some may deem Dribbleup’s subscription or product cost as too high. Consistently assessing and evaluating expenses ensures that money gets allocated appropriately. If Dribbleup no longer fits within a user’s financial priorities, they might decide to cancel the service.

2. Under-utilization

Purchasing a service or product comes with the anticipation of regular use. However, over time, some users might find they rarely engage with Dribbleup. The realization of not maximizing the service’s benefits can prompt a reevaluation. The decision to discontinue stems from a desire to not waste resources on unused services.

3. Alternative Products/Services

The market offers a plethora of training tools and apps. Some Dribbleup users might discover another platform that aligns better with their goals. Preferences change, and when they do, users seek platforms that cater best to their evolving needs.

4. Dissatisfaction with the Product

Expectations play a crucial role in product satisfaction. If Dribbleup’s smart ball or app fails to meet a user’s anticipated experience, they might feel discontented. Product quality, functionality, and user experience significantly influence continued engagement. Subpar experiences can lead to users seeking better alternatives.

5. Technical Issues

Smooth operations enhance user experience. Encountering technical glitches with Dribbleup’s app or ball can hinder one’s training regimen. Frequent interruptions or malfunctions can sour the overall perception of the product. Users often opt for services that provide seamless experiences without technical hitches.

6. Achieved Goals

Setting and reaching goals is exhilarating. Once a user meets their training objectives with Dribbleup, they might feel the tool has served its purpose. Achieving desired outcomes might render the service redundant, leading to discontinuation.

7. Change in Interests

Interests aren’t static. While someone may have initially been enthusiastic about basketball or soccer, they might gravitate towards other activities. As passions shift, tools like Dribbleup might no longer remain relevant in their daily routine.

8. Physical Health

Physical activities come with inherent risks. Injuries or health challenges can interrupt or halt training sessions. If someone gets injured or faces health setbacks, using Dribbleup might become impractical, leading to membership cancellation.

9. Feedback and Support

Good customer service enhances brand loyalty. If users feel their feedback gets ignored or support is lacking, their trust wanes. Positive interactions build trust, while negative ones can push users towards competitors.

10. Lack of New Content/Features

Regular updates keep users engaged. A static platform can become stale over time. If Dribbleup doesn’t introduce new drills or features periodically, users might seek fresher, more updated platforms to sustain their interest.

11. Connectivity Issues

Effective training requires seamless ball-to-app connectivity. If Dribbleup users face consistent connectivity problems, the training experience diminishes. Frustration from such issues can lead users to seek better-integrated platforms.

12. Lack of Motivation

Motivation fuels consistency. However, like interests, motivation levels fluctuate. A dip in drive might lead someone to reassess the value of tools like Dribbleup in their regimen.

13. Moving or Traveling

Environment impacts training. Relocating to a space unsuitable for basketball or soccer can render Dribbleup moot. Similarly, frequent travelers might find it hard to maintain consistency, leading to potential service discontinuation.

14. Gift or Trial

Gifts and trials offer glimpses into services. After experiencing Dribbleup through a gift or trial, some might conclude it’s not aligned with their needs. As the trial ends or the novelty wears off, they may opt not to continue.

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