How to Cancel Apple TV+ Subscription


With more and more streaming video services coming to market, and the cost of existing streaming services going up, you may be looking to drop a few to reduce your monthly expenses. And while Apple TV+ is good, the content library is limited compared to other streaming offerings. Thankfully, if you decide you want to cut ties and cancel your Apple TV+ subscription, Apple makes it easy for anyone to do through the Apple TV website.

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Steps to Cancel Apple TV+ Subscription

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Sign into your Apple TV account if prompted. You’ll land on your Apple TV home screen.
  2. Click the profile icon at the top of the screen to open a menu, and then click “Settings” in that menu. The Account Settings screen is displayed.
  1. Scroll down this screen until you see the Subscriptions section, and then click “Manage” associated with your Apple TV+ subscription. An Edit Your Subscription window pops up.
  1. Click “Cancel Subscription” in this window. A Confirm Cancellation window is shown letting you know what date you’ll have access to your Apple TV plus subscription through if you cancel your subscription.
  1. Click “Cancel Subscription” again in this window. The next window lets you know that you’ve successfully cancelled your Apple TV+ subscription.
  1. Click “Done.” You can confirm your Apple TV+ subscription is cancelled by scrolling back down to the Subscriptions section, where you’ll see a line item stating what date your Apple TV+ subscription will expire.

Reasons to Consider Cancelling Your Apple TV+ Subscription

1. Cost Concerns

Paying for Apple TV+ might become burdensome for some subscribers. The monthly fee may not seem worthwhile, especially for those on a budget. As the cost of living rises, some people need to tighten their belts. This often means cutting non-essential expenses like streaming services. Hence, Apple TV+ may fall under the axe, leaving room for necessities.

2. Limited Content

Apple TV+ prides itself on its original productions. However, unlike rivals, it lacks a vast back catalog of shows and movies. Many subscribers crave diverse and plentiful content. Finding the same titles repeatedly may lead to boredom and dissatisfaction. Consequently, the perceived lack of variety could cause subscribers to cancel their Apple TV+ subscription.

3. Switching to a Different Service

The streaming market teems with competitive services offering different content and price points. Subscribers may feel lured by a competitor’s exclusive show or lower subscription fee. A new, appealing service might mean bidding farewell to Apple TV+. Choosing another platform, subscribers opt for what they believe offers more value.

4. Lack of Time

Busy schedules may limit the time subscribers can dedicate to watching Apple TV+. Hectic work lives, personal commitments, or other leisure activities can overshadow screen time. If paying for a service that’s rarely used, the logical step might be to cancel the subscription, thereby freeing up resources.

5. Technical Issues

Reliable streaming is a critical aspect of any online service. Persistent crashes, streaming problems, or an uncooperative interface can test a subscriber’s patience. Instead of wrestling with a glitchy app, a subscriber might choose to cancel their Apple TV+ subscription, seeking a smoother user experience elsewhere.

6. Trial Period Ended

Apple often provides a free trial of its TV+ service. Some users may not wish to continue after the trial. The end of a free period can mark the end of usage for those who aren’t willing to switch to a paid subscription, leading to a cancellation.

7. Lack of Device Support

Apple TV+ isn’t available on every device. If a user can’t access the service on their preferred device, frustration might ensue. Instead of investing in a new device, they might opt to cancel their Apple TV+ subscription, gravitating towards services that support their current technology.

8. Travel or Relocation

Apple TV+ doesn’t offer the same content globally. Frequent travelers or those who relocate might find their favorite shows unavailable. Facing geo-restrictions can dampen the enjoyment of the service, prompting a cancellation. A service that provides consistent access regardless of location may be more appealing.

9. Multiple Subscriptions

Maintaining multiple streaming subscriptions can stretch resources thin. When evaluating usage, a subscriber might decide to prune their services. If Apple TV+ doesn’t top the list of frequently used platforms, it might be the first to go. Fewer subscriptions mean more focused usage and less financial strain.

10. Preference for Physical Media or Traditional TV

Despite the digital age, some people still favor physical media or cable TV. Nostalgia, ownership, or the pleasure of a tangible collection could outweigh streaming benefits. For those who treasure DVDs or a cable subscription, Apple TV+ may seem superfluous, leading them to cancel.

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