How to Add Smart Stack Widget on iPhone


With the rollout of iOS 14 in late 2020, Apple not only gives users the ability to add widgets to their iPhone home screens, but also the ability to create smart widgets. Smart widgets let users stack widgets that are the same size on top of each other to save space. The only caveat is that you can only stack widgets that are the same size to create a smart widget. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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Steps to Add Smart Stack Widget on iPhone

  1. Navigate to your iPhone home screen, and then hold your finger against an open space until all of the apps start to jiggle.
  2. Tap the “+” icon at the top of the screen. A window with available widgets is displayed.
  3. Scroll through this list to see available widgets. It should be noted that you’ll only see widgets for apps that you’ve launched at least once on your device. Tap the widget you want to add as part of a stack to your iPhone home screen. A window appears where you can swipe through the different types of widgets, in terms of both size and content, that you can add. Remember, all of the widgets you stack on top of each other must be the same size.
  4. Tap “Add Widget” on the screen associated with the widget you want to add. You’ll return to your iPhone home screen where your apps will still be jiggling, but you’ll now see your new widget added. Repeat this process to add all of the additional widgets you want to place into a single smart stack on your iPhone home screen.
  5. With all of the apps on your home screen still jiggling, hold you finger against one of the widgets you want to place into the smart stack, and then drag it on top of one of the other widgets you want to include in your smart stack, and then release it. The widgets will be combined into your smart stack. Repeat this process to add any additional widgets you want to include in this smart stack on your iPhone home screen.
  6. Hold your finger against the smart stack widget, and then either move it up or down to reposition it within the other apps on your iPhone home screen, or move it to another screen. Tap “Done” when you’re done moving your widget. You can now swipe on your smart stack to cycle through the different widgets in the smart stack, and you can tap any of the widgets to open its associated app.

Steps to Reorder Smart Stack Widget on iPhone

  1. Hold your finger against the smart stack to open a menu, and then tap “Edit Stack.” This will bring up a screen that will show you all of the widgets in this smart stack.
  2. Hold your finger against the “Move” icon to the right of any of the widgets you want to move, and then drag it up or down in the list to move it to a different position. You can also swipe from right to left across any of the widgets to display an option to delete them from the smart stack. Additionally, on this screen, you can also turn Smart Rotate on or off. With Smart Rotate enabled, the smart stack will cycle through the widgets automatically, presenting what it assumes to be the most relevant. Alternatively, with Smart Rotate turned off, the top-facing widget will always be the last one you looked at.

Steps to Delete Smart Stack Widget on iPhone

  1. Hold your finger against that smart stack to bring up a menu.
  2. Tap “Remove” in that menu.
  3. Tap “Remove” again on the next window asking you to confirm that you want to remove the smart stack.

5 Reasons to Use the Smart Stack Widget on iPhone

1. Streamlined Home Screen Organization

Using the Smart Stack widget on your iPhone helps you keep your home screen tidy and organized. Instead of crowding your space with multiple widgets, Smart Stack consolidates them into one. This feature allows you to swipe through widgets without leaving your home screen. It’s ideal for users who prefer minimalistic setups but still want quick access to various apps. You can enjoy the cleanliness of your layout while having everything you need just a swipe away. It’s about maximizing space while keeping functionality.

2. Personalized User Experience

Smart Stack takes personalization to a new level. The widget automatically rotates, showing relevant information based on your usage patterns. For instance, it may display the weather widget in the morning, your calendar during work hours, and your health activity in the evening. This adaptive technology means your iPhone is always a step ahead, anticipating your needs based on the time of day and your typical app usage. It’s like having an assistant who knows exactly what you need without having to ask.

3. Efficiency and Productivity Boost

For anyone looking to boost their productivity, Smart Stack is a game-changer. This widget minimizes the time spent searching for apps and information. With Smart Stack, your most used apps and information come to you. Whether it’s upcoming appointments, to-do lists, or notes, you have the essentials at your fingertips. This leads to a more efficient and streamlined workflow, as you can access information quickly and get back to your tasks with less interruption.

4. Ease of Customization

Setting up and customizing Smart Stack is incredibly user-friendly. You can easily add, remove, or reorder the widgets in the stack to suit your preferences. This means you can tailor your Smart Stack to include just what matters to you, from news and weather to reminders and music. The drag-and-drop interface in the widget edit mode makes these adjustments quick and painless. Customization doesn’t just stop at setup; you can continually refine your stack as your needs evolve.

5. Adaptive Learning Capabilities

One of the most compelling reasons to use Smart Stack is its ability to learn from your behavior. Over time, the widget recognizes your interaction patterns with different apps. It adjusts its display to prioritize widgets based on those interactions. For instance, if you frequently check sports scores in the evening, Smart Stack will learn to surface your sports app around that time. This intelligent adaptation makes your digital experience feel truly personalized and responsive to your daily routine.

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