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After you make it through the pain of setting up an Xbox account for your child, the next challenge is figuring out how to add money to that account so they can do things like purchase V-Bucks in Fortnite. Thankfully, Microsoft makes it relatively easy to add money to your child’s Xbox account, but you do have to add those funds through the Microsoft website. Before you can do that, however, you have to add your child to your Xbox family account. If you haven’t already added your child to your Microsoft family account, click here to check out my video about how to add your child to your Xbox family account.

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Steps to Add Money to Xbox Child Account

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to, and then log in to your Microsoft account if prompted. You’ll land on your Microsoft Your Family screen.
  2. Find the account associated with the child you want to add money to, and then click “Add Money” associated with that child. A screen appears with dollar amounts you can choose to add to your child’s Xbox account.

  1. Tap the amount you want to add to your child’s Xbox account, and then click “Next.” In this example, I’ll choose to add $10. A screen appears asking you to review the dollar amount and the card you’re charging it to.

  1. Tap “Buy” after confirming your information.

You’ll be routed back to your child’s Microsoft account information screen, where you’ll now see that money has been added to their Microsoft account. Now, they’ll be able to spend that money to make purchases, such as buying V-Bucks in Fortnite.

Is it safe to store credit card information on a child’s Xbox account? What safety measures are there to prevent unauthorized purchases?

Microsoft does have measures in place to secure stored credit card information, such as encryption and other safety protocols. However, to prevent unauthorized purchases, it’s recommended to avoid storing credit card information on a child’s account. Instead, use gift cards or set up “Ask a parent” through Microsoft’s family settings. This feature allows parents to approve or deny any purchases the child attempts to make.

Can I set a limit to how much money my child can spend on their Xbox account?

While you cannot directly set a spending limit, you can control their spending by only adding a specific amount to the account via gift cards. Also, by utilizing the “Ask a parent” feature, you can manually approve or deny each purchase, effectively controlling how much is spent.

What can my child purchase with the money on their Xbox account? Can they buy both games and in-game content?

Yes, your child can use the money on their account to buy games, in-game content like skins and expansion packs, and other content available in the Microsoft Store, which includes apps and movies.

How can I monitor the purchases that my child makes on their Xbox account?

You can monitor your child’s purchases by checking the email associated with your Microsoft Family account. After every purchase, Microsoft sends a receipt to this email. Additionally, you can review your child’s purchase history in the Microsoft account billing overview. Make sure to setup your child’s account as part of your Microsoft Family to access these features.

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