How to Activate Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator


The Steam Guard mobile authenticator is a great way to protect your Steam account. Enabling Steam Guard on your mobile device requires someone trying to access your Steam account on a new device to enter the code generated by the Steam app on your mobile device before they can access your account.

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Steps to Activate Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator

  1. Install the Steam app on your iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device if it isn’t installed already. Launch the Steam app and log into your account if prompted. You’ll land on your Steam app home screen.
  2. Tap the “Menu” icon. A menu flies in from the left side of the screen. Tap “Steam Guard” in the menu.

  1. Tap “Add Authenticator” on the Steam Guard screen. The Phone screen will appear if you don’t already have a phone number associated with your Steam account.

  1. Enter the phone number you want to associate with you Steam account, and then tap “Add Phone.” The Confirm Your Email screen appears.

  1. Open the email account associated with your Steam account, and then look for an email from Steam with a subject line that reads “Adding a phone number to your Steam account.” Click the “Add Phone Number” link in that email to add your phone number to your Steam account.

  1. Return to the Steam app on your mobile device and then tap “Next” on the Confirm Your Email screen if that is still displayed. You’ll receive a text message from Steam at your phone number that contains a code.

  1. Enter the code on the next screen, and then tap “Submit.” The Recovery Code screen appears.

  1. Write down the recovery code presented on the screen in a safe place. This is the code you’ll need to provide to prove you’re the owner of this Steam Guard mobile authenticator in the event you lose your mobile device. Tap “Done” when you’re ready to move on.

A Success screen appears, confirming you’ve successfully set up the Steam Guard mobile authenticator. You’ll see a number displayed along the top of this screen that will expire roughly every 30 seconds. This is the number you’ll need to enter to access your Steam account on other computers.

Reasons to Use Steam Guard

1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The primary benefit of Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator lies in providing two-factor authentication. This feature involves a dual process of verification. Initially, users enter their unique username and password. Subsequently, a secondary validation step requires a unique code generated by the authenticator. This dual-layered security shields the account from potential breaches, as both factors are necessary to gain access.

2. Phishing Attack Prevention

Phishing attacks can trick individuals into revealing their passwords. These sophisticated scams often mimic legitimate services to steal credentials. With Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, the risk reduces significantly. Even if perpetrators acquire the password, they need the authentication code, which only your mobile device generates. This reduces successful phishing attempts.

3. Enhanced Account Recovery

If an account compromise occurs or a password is forgotten, Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator can hasten recovery. This tool provides an additional verification method that confirms your identity quickly and efficiently. Recovery becomes smoother, as the authentication code acts as an additional proof of ownership.

4. Protection for Steam Community Market

Transactions within the Steam Community Market often involve valuable in-game items. Without two-factor authentication, Steam might place trade holds for protection. Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator eliminates these trade holds, ensuring seamless and secure transactions. It promotes a trustworthy marketplace, deterring fraud, and increasing user confidence.

5. Real-Time Code Generation

The Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator ensures dynamic security by generating new codes every 30 seconds. This feature provides continuous protection, ensuring that any obtained codes rapidly become obsolete. It drastically decreases the window in which cybercriminals could use stolen codes, adding an extra layer of security.

6. Steam Wallet Security

Many users store funds in their Steam Wallet for easy game or in-game item purchases. Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator safeguards these funds by preventing unauthorized access. The two-step authentication process protects against theft, ensuring your hard-earned money remains secure.

7. Malware Protection

Malware presents another form of threat by stealing passwords directly from computers. However, even if malware acquires your password, Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator acts as a reliable defense. The authenticator code, essential for login, only exists on your personal device, making it inaccessible to remote malware.

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