How to Unblock Someone on Snapchat


When you block another user on Snapchat they won’t be able to send you snaps or chats, view your Snapchat story or see any charms, or even search and find your account. Thankfully, if you’ve had a change of heart and want to remove someone from your personal Snapchat block list, you can easily do that. Examples of all instructions in the steps can be seen in both the YouTube video above and the image collection located beneath the steps.

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Steps to Unblock Someone on Snapchat

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll land on your Snapchat home screen.
  2. Tap your Snapchat profile icon at the top of the screen. Your Snapchat profile screen is displayed.
  3. Tap the “Settings” icon. Your Snapchat settings screen is shown.

  1. Scroll down the Settings screen until you get to the Account Actions section, and then tap “Blocked” in this section. The Blocked screen is displayed, showing a list of everyone on Snapchat you’ve blocked.

  1. Find the person you want to unblock on Snapchat in this list, and then click the “X” next to that person’s name. A window pops up asking if you’re sure you want to unblock this person on Snapchat.

  1. Tap “Yes.” That specific individual will be removed from this list and will no longer be blocked from being able to see your account and interact with you on Snapchat.

Reasons to Unblock Someone on Snapchat

1. Reconnected Friendship

Life is a journey full of ups and downs. In the midst of this journey, friendships can take a hit. For instance, misunderstandings or disagreements can lead to a fallout and a person may block another on Snapchat. Over time, the wounds heal and there’s a strong desire to mend the relationship. Unblocking on Snapchat signifies the first step to rekindle the lost friendship. This act may even pave the way for open conversations, mutual understanding, and deeper connections.

2. Accidental Blocking

The user interface of applications can sometimes be tricky. On Snapchat, a user might accidentally block someone while navigating the platform. This accidental blocking is not due to any personal conflicts, but a simple mistake. Unblocking the person will rectify this unintentional action, ensuring no unnecessary tensions or misunderstandings arise. After all, everyone makes mistakes, and acknowledging them is a sign of maturity.

3. Misunderstanding Cleared

Misunderstandings can strain any relationship. When disagreements escalate, people sometimes resort to blocking others on Snapchat to distance themselves. But once the misunderstanding is cleared up, they may want to restore the communication. Unblocking the person represents the willingness to forgive, forget, and move forward, helping strengthen the relationship further.

4. Work or School Requirement

In the professional or academic world, efficient communication is essential. If a person blocks a colleague or classmate on Snapchat due to personal reasons, it might hamper necessary interactions. Unblocking allows the resumption of vital exchanges, ensuring the smooth flow of work or school projects. The importance of the task at hand often supersedes personal differences, leading to unblocking.

5. Shared Interests or Events

People who share common hobbies or participate in the same events often connect on platforms like Snapchat. If someone is blocked due to a minor issue, the person might miss out on updates or important information. Therefore, unblocking the person can be beneficial to stay informed about shared interests or events, maintaining the enjoyment and unity within the group.

6. Change of Heart

Emotions and feelings aren’t constant. Sometimes a person may block another on Snapchat due to strong negative emotions at the time. However, as time passes, emotions can change. A change of heart may lead to regret about the hasty decision to block. Unblocking the person can then become an act of rectifying a decision taken in the heat of the moment.

7. Wrong Judgment

Sometimes, we make judgments about people without fully understanding them. In such cases, a person may block another on Snapchat due to a perceived issue. Upon realizing that the judgment was premature or incorrect, they may want to correct their action. Unblocking the person demonstrates growth and the capacity to accept one’s own mistakes.

8. Need Information

People often turn to social media platforms like Snapchat to gather information or seek help. If someone has blocked another user who could provide valuable information, they might decide to unblock them. The necessity for information or assistance takes precedence over personal differences in such situations, leading to the unblocking.

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